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4 Riders Preview
4 Riders

4riders is the leading mobile geo-locating application available in your ski area.

Do you want to access 3D maps of ski resorts? Display your position to track your location? Find your loved ones and obtain the best itineraries to meet them? Chat with other skiers on nearby slopes to find out the area’s best spots? 4riders allows you to access all these services with one single iPhone & Android ski application.

As soon as a ski resort opens, download its map on 4riders and navigate with ease in the area. Invite your friends and share your location to meet up and experience unique moments on the slopes together.

Ski application features

Mobile application for iPhone and Android.

3D mapping of several ski areas.

Geolocation on the resort, automatic detection of the slope or lift you're currently on.

Create and manage you friends group: invite them to join your Riders' group and geolocate them.

Find the best route to your friends, join them easily in a bar or a restaurant.

You can use 4riders Ski without an internet connection (except location sharing) once the map is installed.

Présentation 4 Riders

And because at 4riders, we want to offer the best possible experience on the slopes, many features are currently being developed and will be presented in the next few weeks:

  • Planning a group meetup on the slopes: share the location and date with a group of friends,
  • Ski session log,
  • 3D rendering of trips,
  • Minimum statistics (average speed, max, differences in elevation...),
  • 3D route share,
  • Resort snowfall,
  • Open ski resorts,
  • Open slopes and ski lifts,
  • Estimated waiting times at chair-lifts,
  • Timing of your ski descents

And many other features, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions.

Map data: © IGN, © NASA, © OpenStreetMap contributors - Courtesy of opensnowmap.org

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